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15+ years in the creative field. Specializing in graphic design, illustration, multimedia design, social media, and web design. Proficiency with multiple software languages. Always ready to master new versions, techniques and tools.

I now see that my love of design, and even typography, started very early, as a child in Argentina. I grew up with my parents and brother in Buenos Aires, a city bursting with cultural diversity and vibrant color. But it was not until I traveled 10,000 miles away, to chilly New England, that I would realize what I was put here to do. Back then, no one understood where my passion for art came from, or how far away it would take me.

All they knew was that I loved to draw and color, making pictures of everything in sight, then organizing them into binders for easy access and hours of make-believe.

I begged incessantly for new activities: English lessons at 12, painting, knitting, sewing, making Spanish cards with textured paper for birthdays and weddings, even a typewriter at 15, when other girls asked for parties. Each time, my parents listened carefully and tried to help me reach my goals.

In my twenties, I set my sights on the U.S. as the place to learn my craft. Using the au pair program as a springboard, I connected with new friends and supportive teachers, until I made it to the art school of my dreams. There, I discovered graphic design and immediately knew it fit. Sleek and precise as my laptop, it required no workshop or cleanup. Always within reach, it helped me capture ideas whenever and wherever they came to me.

Now, living with my own little family, I listen carefully to the needs of my clients, helping them realize their goals, offering solutions that combine a love of simplicity and form - with the bold, playful colors of a distant homeland.

First International Reggae Poster Contest, 2012
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Good 50 x 70 Social Communication Poster Contest, 2011
It’s time to help elephants.
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55th Annual Darien Art Show, 2013
Darien, CT 06820
June 1–June 8

Objectlandia—the world we live in
Norwalk Community College—West Campus Community Gallery
June 8–August 16, 2011
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Online juror for Poster for Tomorrow competition, 2012
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Graphic Design Program Alumnus Vanesa Merulla Develops Identity for Children in Conflict Organization
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Many posters were published in Poster Design 2 by Zeixs

Many logos were published in Logo Design 3 by Zeixs
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Boston University, Boston, MA
MFA, Graphic Design (2008-2010)

University of Connecticut, Stamford, CT
BGS with a Focus in Literature, Writing, and Culture Studies (2006-2007)

Norwalk Community College, Norwalk, CT
AA, Graphic Design (2002-2005)